Volkswagen diesel recalls

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Volkswagen, Audi, and several models from Porsche that are equipped with diesel engines have been recalled for software that can tell if the vehicle is being tested for emissions and when the vehicle is being driven normally. The software runs the vehicle one way for testing to pass the emission test, then while driven normally sets the car up for performance and economy but emits pollutants at an alarming rate.
There has been a buyback program started by Volkswagen to get these vehicles fixed and off the road polluting, and there is a free repair for the recall for those owners who wish to keep their diesel Wagens. Those opting to sell will get an offer set at the value of the vehicle before the cheating scandal. Volkswagen is expecting an influx of these vehicles to hit the used market as disgruntled owners return them, and there is expected to be a lot of depreciation.
The fix is supposedly an updated software program and an updated, larger catalytic converter. The repairs will be done at no cost to the owner, but as stated these vehicles will depreciate. Volkswagen has stated that it will suspend diesel sales in the US and any diesels in the future are likely to be from Europe. No certified pre-owned diesels are to be sold either. These vehicles were marketed as clean diesels and did not deliver on that promise, that as well as environmental and health effects of these pollutants is why the recall is such a big deal.