Least dependable

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As not only a collision center but a full service mechanic shop too, we have vehicles that we definitely see more of than others. The vehicles we see syncs up relatively well with this list of vehicles from the JD Power Dependability study in the U.S. the study looks at problems per 100 vehicles. This is their ranking.
10. Subaru- Safe vehicles, yes, but they average 157 problems per hundred vehicles according to the survey.
9.Scion- The least dependable Toyota brand, this company is getting the ax soon but not before 167 problems per hundred vehicles.
8. Volkswagen- this isn’t dieselgate related but, the study found 169 problems per hundred vehicles.
7.Fiat- a perennial company on this list, they actually improved from 273 per hundred last year to 171 per hundred this year consequently going from least dependable to 7 least dependable… Progress
6.Nissan- 173 problems per 100 vehicles
5. Jeep- 181 problems per 100 vehicles, small improvement over last years 197
4.Land Rover- Another perennial guest on this list only 198 problems per hundred compared to last years 258
3. Smart- 199 per hundred, no ranking last year but for a car that’s tiny, slow, and inefficient, poor dependabilty is a bad look.
2. Ford- 204 problems per 100 vehicles.
1. Dodge- another fine Chrysler product, Dodge comes in as the least dependable with 208 problems per 100.
Fiat, Chrysler,Jeep and Dodge all fall below the industry average here, and as youve guessed we see our fair share of them.